Flower Love

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Whether you are new to floristry or have been at it long enough to see carnations come in and out of fashion more times than the mullet, it’s easy to fall in love and stay in love with flowers. For Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht, flowers are everything—reminders of nature's beauty, tools for building creative confidence, and a gateway to self-care. In Flower Love, Griffith-VanderYacht uses his effervescent sense of humor and asharp eye for design to bring accessible, sumptuous floral arrangements to flower lovers everywhere, from all walks of life. With stunning photography of forty-five arrangements, visual step-by-step instructions, and a unique, geometric approach to floral design, Flower Love is an empowering and joyful resource for anyone who wants to add fanciful floral whimsy to their everyday life. This book includes: Step-by-step instructions for forty-five Author - Short: Griffith-Vanderyacht, Kristen Pages (actual): 288 Illustrations (TI Sheet): 250-275 4C Photos; 20-25 Illos